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Shaking up the design process for longer-lasting products

Our Future: Furniture in a “closed-loop system” The Use-It-Wisely project enables European manufacturers to produce products and services capable of adapting to rapidly changing markets and customer goals by demonstrating the state of the art methods, which enable life-long adaptation of high investment product-services. The focus on life-long adaptation combined with services is the backbone […]

Lighter, faster and lower cost – how Use-It-Wisely upgrades are making ship-building better

Ocean Shipyard and other Use-It-Wisely partners in the naval sector have responded to changing customer and shipping industry demands in Greece, and at European and international levels. Customers such as tourism operators, fishermen and transport companies want boats that are lighter, faster and cost less to run, while safety requirements and shipping regulations change regularly.

Paving the way for mining & construction industry upgrades through innovative technology

Rock crusher upgrade business from a PLM perspective Global trends of ecology and sustainable development, safety awareness, changing legislation, and urbanization, together with the economic situation, force industry to find solutions for extending product lifecycles, while maintaining and improving machine system performance and other properties during the lifecycles. Together with these societal issues, firms are […]

Use It Wisely Final Press Release Featured in Science|Business

Last week, ‘Science|Business’ the EU innovation and research driven news publication, published the final press release of the Use-It-Wisely project, highlighting the project’s cross-sectoral results in researching new tools for more efficient production. The press release, which was also featured in the Science|Business weekly newsletter, recognized that cross-sector collaboration was one of key benefits throughout […]

Press Release: New EU research will reduce costs, time and environmental impact of manufacturing across Europe

EU industry, research, academia and SMEs develop new tools to respond to rapidly changing markets New business models, tools and applications will extend lifecycle of high-cost industrial products Research network makes business models, tools and applications accessible to industry stakeholders and invites collaboration Dublin, 10th January, 2017: Top of the line research is driving new […]

Use-It-Wisely breakthroughs highlighted in official EU project news portal CORDIS

CORDIS recently published their impressions of the Use-It-Wisely final dissemination event on their website, pointing to how the project offers a comprehensive solution for improving products and services through effective upgrade innovation, allowing for sustainable solutions to customer demands. CORDIS highlighted research results harnessing Virtual Reality technology, Circular Economy principles, 3D modelling and the legacy […]

Use-It-Wisely final dissemination event featured in EU-research magazine Science|Business

EU research and innovation news service ‘Science|Business’ recently published the highlights of the Use-It-Wisely final dissemination event on their website, detailing how the results of the project pave the way for sustainable upgrades and practices in European manufacturing. The event, held in Brussels last month, assembled key project partners to share their research in addressing […]