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Developing Apps to increase efficiency in shipbuilding

In Use-It-Wisely’s (UIW) latest blogspot, we spoke to Nikos Frangakis of ICCS in Greece. ICCS is leader of Work Package 3, and in this role they coordinate and evaluate the development of software among all UIW partners who are active in this field. This entails identifying commonalities, synergies, and potential overlaps between the software being developed by […]

Ensuring Use-It-Wisely Research Benefits European Citizens

Enna Palander-Palonen is a Project Manager at Hermia Business Development Ltd. Enna has a Master’s in Business Administration and has been working with start-up companies and European funded research projects for over 10 years. She is focused on the exploitation of Use-It-Wisely’s results to ensure that European citizens benefits from the project’s insights.

Use-it-Wisely Partners lead on research to help break down language barriers in multinational projects

A research article on breaking down language barriers and improving communication on multinational projects was recently published by the International Journal of Managing Projects in Business by two authors from Use-it-Wisely partner organisations: Dr Stephen Fox, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Prof Stefan Grosser, School of Management, Bern University of Applied Sciences.