EFFRA Conference 2016

Use-It-Wisely (UIW) partners Göran Granholm (VTT) and Karin Verploegen (representing Gispen) pitched UIW at the recent EFFRA Factories of the Future (FoF) Conference, 15th and 16th September 2016, in Brussels. Read more

Date set for UIW's final dissemination event

Date set for Use-it-Wisely’s final dissemination event

On Tuesday 18th October 2016, Use-It-Wisely will hold a final dissemination event in order to present project innovations and breakthroughs to key influencers and decision makers across policy, industry and research. Read more

Let’s design out waste for a real Circular Economy

In this article which was initially published by www.euractiv.com and authored by Simon Wilson of the Green Alliance, the role of design in circular economy is addressed. The author believes ‘Designing out’ resource inefficiencies means that products can be used and re-used for longer, repaired more easily, and ultimately recycled to provide new industrial inputs. Read more

Circular economy: An investment that pays off

The following article is written by Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for the Environment, Martitime Affairs and Fisheries. It outlines clearly the actions taken by the European Commission to promote circular economy practices across Europe.  Read more

Raw Intelligence: What digital materials mean for the circular economy

This article by circulatenews.org/ investigates the technological advances that are encoding intelligence into materials. According to the author, there is a change in the fundamental relationship between materials and information content in the objectives that we make. And this will have large implications for the circular economy into the future. Read more

Someday Virtual Reality Will Be Entertaining But It’s Useful Right Now

In this article by Fox News, the potential of Virtual Reality to bridge the distance gap between people and the manufacturing site. The potential applications of Virtual Reality outside of the Manufacturing sector is also addressed.  Read more

Spacecraft design

Updates from Use-It-Wisely’s Space Cluster

Our space researchers are developing a software which will allow those in the space sector to create a virtual model of a spacecraft, in terms of technical data, related simulations and 3D visualisations. This may be used by technical teams to quickly design a spacecraft according to customer needs. The aim of the research is that the collaboration tool may be used across the European space sector as a whole once it is fully developed and validated.
Read more

Disrupting manufacturing: Innovation and the future of skilled labour

In this article published on www.brookings.edu/, the authors Daniel Araya and Christopher Sulavik, address the issues faced by manufacturers in maintaining an educated workforce in an environment of fast technological developments.  Read more

The Valley: Demonstrating the Circular Economy at Scale

This article by Circulate highlights the leading role the Netherlands is playing in paving the way towards Europe’s Circular Economy goals. The author highlights a particular project undertaken by Delta Development Group, Schiphol Group and the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer in July to develop a circular subarea within Schiphol Trade Park – the Valley.  Read more

Automotive and industrial equipment companies could spend up to €220billion in R&D over next five years in creating connected industrial workforce

In an interesting report by Accenture, creating a connect industrial workforce was revealed as a top priority for organisations. 512 international business professionals were interviewed and the insights Accenture gained are included in the summary below. Read more