Spacecraft design

Updates from Use-It-Wisely’s Space Cluster

Our space researchers are developing a software which will allow those in the space sector to create a virtual model of a spacecraft, in terms of technical data, related simulations and 3D visualisations. This may be used by technical teams to quickly design a spacecraft according to customer needs. The aim of the research is that the collaboration tool may be used across the European space sector as a whole once it is fully developed and validated.
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Göran Granholm

Note from the Use-It-Wisely Project Coordinator: It’s Showtime!

As Use-It-Wisely is in its final year, the project coordinator Göran Granholm took the time to write a short note on where he sees the project going during its final year. Find out what he had to say below.

Following over two years of intense research and development, the project is now in its final stage. It is time to bring to light the excellent outcomes of the six industrial clusters which span turbines, spacecrafts, office furniture, trucks, vessels and rock crushing machinery research. This will be achieved through a series of live demonstrations and dissemination events carried out both locally on the factory floors of different organisations across Europe, and collectively through joint dissemination events.
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3D Scanning in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Use-It-Wisely partner, Björn Johansson from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, was recently involved in AAAS 2016, the Global Science Engagement in Washington DC. Björn organised a meeting at the conference examining the role of 3D scanning in the preservation of cultural heritage. Read more

Use-It-Wisely demonstrations in a factory floor setting

Use-It-Wisely demonstrations in a factory floor setting

Susanna Aromaa is a Senior Scientist at VTT, the Finnish Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. VTT is the Use-It-Wisely (UIW) coordinating partner and oversees and coordinates the work of all the UIW partners. Read more

Rapid Development of Vessel Model

The focus of Cluster 5 is to decrease the lead time to modify vessels by at least 20% thanks to better information about the modification costs needed to meet new business demand. In this research Cluster, Greek partners SEAbility, Ocean and INSB have been working closely with Bern University to develop an innovative business model for those in the small boat industry. Read more

Use-It-Wisely and Space Solutions

Dr Mauro Pasquinelli is a project partner in Use-It-Wisely and he works for Thales Alenia Space – Italia (TAS-I). He is coordinating the definition and development of a novel methodology and related toolchain to support the development of highly technical products in the space domain. Read more

The Research Behind Developing a Successful Community of Practice

Alyson Langley is a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham (UNOTT). Alyson spoke to us to explain her work, and her colleagues’, as members of the Use-It-Wisely (UIW) consortium.  Read more

Improving 3D Imaging of Turbines

Professor Arcadio Reyes Lecuona is an Associate Professor at the University of Malaga in Spain. Within the Use-It-Wisely project, he is responsible for both coordinating the technical specifications across all Use-It-Wisely Work Packages (WP) and for software development for the 3D visualisation of inspection results in steam turbines and other large, high-cost products. Read more

Computational Modelling: A viable approach to creating a Dynamic Business Model

Professor Stefan Grösser of Bern University of Applied Sciences is a project partner in Use-It-Wisely. He has just published a paper in the Journal of Management Control on the use of computational modelling in business model analysis for strategy and decision-making. Read more

Developing Apps to increase efficiency in shipbuilding

In Use-It-Wisely’s (UIW) latest blogspot, we spoke to Nikos Frangakis of ICCS in Greece. ICCS is leader of Work Package 3, and in this role they coordinate and evaluate the development of software among all UIW partners who are active in this field. This entails identifying commonalities, synergies, and potential overlaps between the software being developed by different UIW partners. Read more