Virtual Reality Brings Your Showroom Floor to the Customer’s Living Room

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two research areas which Use-It-Wisely partners are interested in. This article by Dealer Marketing Magazine outlines how Virtual Reality has been used in the automotive industry to engage with customers. It is definitely worth reading. Read more

NASA, Boeing, SpaceX share more details on Commercial Crew Plans

With a legal challenge now behind them, two companies that won NASA contracts offered more details about their plans to develop and test commercial crew vehicles, while the agency expressed optimism those vehicles will be ready for services by 2017.

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Commodities aren’t primed for a rebound during 2015: Shipping could benefit from lower prices.

In recent past, higher commodity prices were driven by an increase in demand from developing countries, which spelled good news for ship owners. As the commodity market was plagued by speculators and many relative trades, more often than not, higher prices didn’t necessarily translate to higher demand in cargos. The latest downward trend among major commodities isn’t all that bad for members of the shipping community, as they could ignite an increased demand from a series of nations. Read more

Biobanking is a Real Example of Moving beyond the State of the Art

Banked surplus tissue and data donated by healthy patients and people can be used to help develop more effective ways to diagnose and treat various conditions. Read more

Innovation Forum 2014

The Economist’s annual Innovation Forum will take place in Berkeley CA on March 27th 2014. Major players from industries including IT, retail, Marketing and PR, education, and research attended the forum in 2013 and this year’s event is sure to attract more industry leaders.

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The Advent of Apps

The wider innovation and manufacturing activity happening across the technology sector is a great example of the way an industry can move beyond the state of the art, similar to the way the Use-it-Wisely project will help manufacturers to move beyond the state of the art and help them to deal with changing customer demands.

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Ford and Siemens: Googling the Future of Manufacturing

This article by Industry Week discusses how innovation over the past 5 years has been focused on creating reality out of data – a seamless integration between things and information, between activity and data. Global players such as Google are leading the trend with products like Google Glass.

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