EFFRA Conference 2016

Use-It-Wisely (UIW) partners Göran Granholm (VTT) and Karin Verploegen (representing Gispen) pitched UIW at the recent EFFRA Factories of the Future (FoF) Conference, 15th and 16th September 2016, in Brussels.

The EFFRA FoF conference gathered leading experts in industrial research and innovation to debate major priorities for the future of manufacturing in Europe. It was the perfect forum for UIW to pitch the project and its results to potential business and innovation partners, as the project draws to a close at the end of November this year.

UIW partners had a lot to present in a short pitching time of less than 10 minutes, so focused on the essentials in order to demonstrate the project’s main objectives and results. The team presented the main challenge that UIW is working to address: changing requirements due to new technology and global competition, and how UIW is addressing this through improving existing products and services through continuous and innovative upgrades.

They outlined the six UIW clusters and illustrated the UIW approach with the example of the Circular Economy solution for office furniture. This was achieved with the development of a Design Framework, which takes account of upgrade requirements from the design phase, thus allowing for a longer product lifespan.

They also presented the UIW Community of Practice, which aims to share the UIW results and promote collaboration, innovation, and creativity within manufacturing industries.

The conference was dedicated to the transformation of manufacturing across Europe. It showcased the achievements of research and innovation projects that are revolutionising manufacturing in Europe under the EU’s €1.15 billion ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership.

Click here to view/download a PDF of the Use-it-Wisely presentation at EFFRA 2016 (1.1Mb).

More information on the EFFRA FoF conference can be found here.

EFFRA conference photograph courtesy of EFFRA

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