Göran Granholm

Note from the Use-It-Wisely Project Coordinator: It’s Showtime!

As Use-It-Wisely is in its final year, the project coordinator Göran Granholm took the time to write a short note on where he sees the project going during its final year. Find out what he had to say below.

Following over two years of intense research and development, the project is now in its final stage. It is time to bring to light the excellent outcomes of the six industrial clusters which span turbines, spacecrafts, office furniture, trucks, vessels and rock crushing machinery research. This will be achieved through a series of live demonstrations and dissemination events carried out both locally on the factory floors of different organisations across Europe, and collectively through joint dissemination events.

Use-It-Wisely Demonstrations

The demonstrations will not only test the technical feasibility of the development work but also, and more importantly, validate its usability in practice. This will be achieved by involving end-users in the process and systematically collecting their important feedback. This will serve to prove the end-user value and impact in real world scenarios of many of Use-It-Wisely’s innovations. The site demonstrations will provide a wealth of interesting material for use in media releases during the next few months.

As set out in the project plan, the work in all research groups has been focused on developing measures to maintain and improve products and services throughout their life-cycle through continuous innovation and frequent upgrade interventions. Key to the success of these upgrades is the involvement of all important actors in a collaborative and innovation process. This is based on the understanding that important system information resides outside of the developer companies, in an extended network of actors.

A second key element is a holistic systems approach, where the focus is not only on isolated technical aspects, but where the system is seen in a broader context and in interaction with its environment. The understanding of causal links and impacts on other system elements is crucial for successful upgrades and life-cycle sustainability. The variety of demonstrations highlights the complexity of the research topics, but also serves to show the applicability of the approach across many different industry sectors.

Use-It-Wisely Community of Practice and Platform

During the past two years, the project’s consortium has grown from a group of six very different use cases to a coherent group of researchers and practitioners with several shared professional interests. Many of the tools and technologies introduced in one cluster have found their use in other research clusters. This brings us to one of the original goals of the project: to create a shared platform to support the upgrade challenges across different industries. The platform will be realised as a common web space serving the future activities of a virtual Community of Practice; sharing similar grand challenges but with several specialised interests, all contributing to an extensive palette of tools, methodologies and expertise.

The Community of Practice (CoP) will work as a dynamic knowledge network which is built on the resources and knowledge of all of its members. In addition to a ‘member area’ to promote continuous collaboration and development, the CoP platform will also feature a public showroom aimed at reaching a wide audience of professionals across the continent and beyond. The CoP platform will be released in the coming months and we will keep you updated on its progress.

If you would like to find out more about the Community of Practice, you may email me directly at: Goran.Granholm@vtt.fi