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Project update from Prof. Dr. Stefan Grösser, Bern University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Stefan Grösser, Director of the Strategy and Simulation Lab at the Management School at the Bern University of Applied Sciences highlights some major achievements in the Use-it-Wisely project over the last year and shares his foresight for the next twelve months.

There were particularly interesting developments in the first twelve months of the Use-It-Wisely project, including a number of tangible results such as the reporting of deliverables which were submitted to the responsible EU project officer.

Deliverables, for example work package 1, made the Use-it-Wisely platform more concrete. The platform includes a public section that is accessible to everyone and a private section which is only accessible to the partners of the Use-It-Wisely project.

There are interesting insights in the deliverables of work package 2. Some are useful first structures about the different use-cases in the clusters as well as the cluster’s specific causal context models. Causal context models are about integrating cluster objectives, business-level objectives, and technical-level objectives of the business partners in a systemic model. The other work packages and the individual clusters have achieved their milestones and produced the required results. For instance, work package 6 elicited and elaborated the business models for the individual cluster companies and thereby provided material for future work.

Aside from tangible results, there are equally important intangible results. For example, the collaboration between the partners is now established. A focused and constructive atmosphere exists. In the first twelve months, all partners contributed valuable information and expertise to the project. Only because of this, it was possible to produce the content for the deliverables.

There were major developments in the first twelve months, but I think the next twelve months will be equally interesting. I expect that the UIW platform will become more and more concrete over the next twelve months, defining what the Use-It-Wisely platform can actually provide for public and internal end users. In addition, future plenary meetings will create a common understanding of what the Use-It-Wisely contribution is and what it will achieve – ultimately bringing tangible benefits to end users.

Bern University of Applied Sciences contribute to the project through simulations and computer-based evaluations of business models to explore if a certain business model is viable or not. If all partners work together as they have in the first twelve months, then we can address the question of how to implement innovations at a faster pace in capital-intensive assets and gain novel insights.


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