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Use-It-Wisely collaborates with sister EU Project ProSEco

Dr Stephen Fox, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, led Use-It-Wisely’s first research collaboration with a sister EU project ProSEco.

Since Use-It-Wisely first began, three field trials of its new science-based innovation methodology have been successfully carried out in Finland, Greece and Sweden. The aim of the methodology is to shift the focus of innovation from improving internal operating efficiency to increasing market effectiveness. Between 15th-16th September 2015, we conducted our first external collaborative trial with a sister European project, ProSEco. The trial took place in Derio, Bizkaia, Spain, with two industrial companies, Alberdi and ONA. The focus of the field trial was to further apply and develop the innovation methodology.

In the face of intensifying global competition, European industries need to generate transformational offerings ranging from imaginative capital goods upgrades to meta-products, which simultaneously comprise physical and digital goods and services.

Generating transformational offerings, which create new markets, is particularly challenging for organisations in mature industries ranging from automation to shipbuilding. This is because the older industries are the most likely to become dependent on established practices and on their long history of past decisions. For example, although Kodak invented the first digital camera, it went into bankruptcy because it was so locked-in to film camera and its technology that it did not exploit its digital invention.

Within Use-It-Wisely, management science research findings are synthesised and applied to improve industrial best practices. Accordingly, a science-based methodology has been formulated to facilitate transformational thinking in these mature industries.

Both Use-It-Wisely and ProSEco’s research span across many mature European industries. Our combined research provides exceptional testing ground for science-based solutions to practical challenges these industries may be faced with. The Use-It-Wisely team is already looking for further opportunities to collaborate with ProSEco on research going forward which will maximise our combined benefit for industries in the EU.

To find out more about ProSEco, visit the project’s website here:

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