Rapid Development of Vessel Model

The focus of Cluster 5 is to decrease the lead time to modify vessels by at least 20% thanks to better information about the modification costs needed to meet new business demand. In this research Cluster, Greek partners SEAbility, Ocean and INSB have been working closely with Bern University to develop an innovative business model for those in the small boat industry. Read more

Developing Apps to increase efficiency in shipbuilding

In Use-It-Wisely’s (UIW) latest blogspot, we spoke to Nikos Frangakis of ICCS in Greece. ICCS is leader of Work Package 3, and in this role they coordinate and evaluate the development of software among all UIW partners who are active in this field. This entails identifying commonalities, synergies, and potential overlaps between the software being developed by different UIW partners. Read more

Use-it-Wisely and the Greek Boating Industry

Eric C. B. Cauchi, the Managing Partner of SEAbility, discusses the Use-it-Wisely approach to improving the utilisation of small passenger boats in the tourism sector. Read more