ALTEC - Interstellar Advances

(Inter)Stellar Advances

Augmented collaboration behind the scenes in the space industry is improving customer experience through increased customer involvement. Use-It-Wisely space partners set out almost three years ago to develop innovative software that will allow adaptable and customisable systems for spacecraft manufacturing and upgrades. This involves direct involvement of the customer, so that the overall system is adaptable to different types of space missions. Read more

Spacecraft design

Updates from Use-It-Wisely’s Space Cluster

Our space researchers are developing a software which will allow those in the space sector to create a virtual model of a spacecraft, in terms of technical data, related simulations and 3D visualisations. This may be used by technical teams to quickly design a spacecraft according to customer needs. The aim of the research is that the collaboration tool may be used across the European space sector as a whole once it is fully developed and validated.
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Disrupting manufacturing: Innovation and the future of skilled labour

In this article published on, the authors Daniel Araya and Christopher Sulavik, address the issues faced by manufacturers in maintaining an educated workforce in an environment of fast technological developments.  Read more