Dynamics of Long-Life Assets: USe-It-Wisely book Published

“Dynamics of Long Life Assets”: Use-It-Wisely book published

A book inspired by the experiences and insights gained from the Use-It-Wisely project has been published and is now available for purchase and download from the Springer web site. “Dynamics of Long-Life AssetsFrom Technology Adaptation to Upgrading the Business Model” was edited by Stefan Grösser, Arcadio Reyes-Lecuona and the Use-It-Wisely project coordinator Göran Granholm. Read more

Use-It-Wisely Gispen Circular Economy

Our Future: Furniture in a Closed Loop System

Circular Economy principles and furniture design

The Use-It-Wisely project enables European manufacturers to produce products and services capable of adapting to rapidly changing markets and customer goals by demonstrating the state of the art methods, which enables life-long adaptation of high investment product-service. The focus on life-long adaptation combined with services is the backbone of the collaboration of Gispen within the project. Gispen believes in circular principles and the reuse of existing products. The research conducted in Use-It-Wisely (UIW) created the opportunity to put circular principles into practice. Read more