Someday Virtual Reality Will Be Entertaining But It’s Useful Right Now

In this article by Fox News, the potential of Virtual Reality to bridge the distance gap between people and the manufacturing site. The potential applications of Virtual Reality outside of the Manufacturing sector is also addressed.  Read more

Improving 3D Imaging of Turbines

Professor Arcadio Reyes Lecuona is an Associate Professor at the University of Malaga in Spain. Within the Use-It-Wisely project, he is responsible for both coordinating the technical specifications across all Use-It-Wisely Work Packages (WP) and for software development for the 3D visualisation of inspection results in steam turbines and other large, high-cost products. Read more

Viewing the Factory Floor from Your Pocket

Jonatan Berglund, a PhD Student from Chalmers University, Sweden, discusses the role of 3D imaging and scanning in factory development and change management. Jonatan is a specialist in Production Engineering with a background in Mechanical Engineering. Read more